Chris Marshall

What Hodgson Should Do Next

No surprises and no complaints. The English management made the best of a bad job, and for once the players looked like they wanted to play for their country.

We even had a plan which basically worked: let down on penalties yet again.

No the only problem is we just aren’t good enough. To stand any chance in 2016 Hodgson needs to be ruthless now and use 2014 in Brazil as nothing more than a stepping stone.

Out must go Terry, Cole and Gerrard. All three had good tournaments, not least because we set up to defend but they have had more than enough chances so is time they were moved on. Use them in a mentoring or coaching capacity a la Neville sure, but time to hang up the boots.

Same for Parker (too old by future tournaments), Walcott (will never be good enough), Downing (never was good enough), Milner (too slow).

There are others and I don’t know who I would replace them with.

Hodgson should know though. Pick an elite squad of young players and build around them and drill them for 2016.

Start picking players that could be good enough by 2016 if coached correctly, don’t pick players who won’t be around by 2016?

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