Yep 1.5 Review

It isn’t that long since I reviewed Yep from YepThat and as you may recall I found the product effective but not something that I would use. This created quite a bit of comment, not least with Wayne who is a big user of Yep.clutter.jpg

So with Yep 1.5 promising a major shift:

“Yep now automatically tracks ALL the pdfs on your hard drive. You can set the folders that Yep will track in the Search Folders preference. By default Yep tracks everything on your startup hard drive. Please keep this in mind during the first few minutes while you get used to it.

There is a 1.2 import dialog that you should definitely run, it will read your 1.2 database, and make a new one in a different location.

Yep now stores the database and most of the other ‘important files’ in the ~/Library/Application Support/Yep directory.

Yep 1.5 is now waaay faster. In some situations well over 10x faster.”

I have also been doing more with PDF’s than before, but still I download and rename them before filing them (old habits and all that) so my original view is pretty much the same. However, this time I thought I would talk to Wayne before posting the review.

“I have quite a few PDFs of varying types. From books to manuals to receipts. Yep allows me to see these PDFs in an iPhoto like style. I like being able to see the cover page of the PDF. I also like being able to add multiple tags to them and organizing them into smart folders.”

I definitely like what they have done with 1.5. You can easily specify which folders you want to include as well as disregard along with better sorting and searching features, and the ability to e-mail multiple documents.

“A great feature that I couldn’t live without, the ability to change the physical locations of the document by dragging it into a tracking folder. You see, you used to have two ways of browsing your collections. One was by a tag cloud, the other by folders and smart folders. Now there is a Tracking Locations option. Every folder that Yep finds a PDF in is now available in this option, and you can view the PDFs in that folder as well as physically move them. In the regular folder browser, the ability to create folders and file your documents worked very much like iPhoto. Yep keeps the documents where they are and you are able create collections and smart collections. With this new option, you can select the folder that you download your documents into, tag them, and physically move them into a specific folder should you like to keep certain types of documents together.”

So Wayne thinks it is much better and I agree. The changes that they have made make sense, and make it easier to use. I am not a big PDF user still though so I will leave the last word to Wayne:

“There are a couple of minor changes I’d like to see. The ability to gather and backup your PDFs and the ability to stack and physically append documents together. Still, it’s an application that I use almost every day.”

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