You can with a Canon – but now I can’t.

I’m not superstitious – really. But if I see a ladder I don’t walk under it, maybe that’s more to do with common sense. But they say that bad luck that always come in 3’s ………

So, let me give you a little back story of events since Easter weekend. Firstly my Karcher pressure washer has died. This is extremely annoying as it hasn’t really been used that much recently as we have been living with a permanent hosepipe ban for last 2 years in the UK. Guess what? The ban has just been lifted!

Secondly my Canon IXUS II 3.2 mega pixel camera just stopped. I have taken it to the shop but it’s out of guarantee. I have only had it two and a half years. I was really pleased with it but as it turns out it would cost a minimum of £100 just to get it looked at and repaired.

I figure it’s not really worth it. Just had a quick scan on Amazon and it seems entry level compact digitals start at £100 plus and are normally 7 mega pixel. Amazingly I have just upgraded my mobile and that has 3.2 mega pixel camera in it. (But that’s a whole different post)

Enough of the waffling, let me get down to the nitty gritty. I just want some input on a replacement, especially from the 4frames gang. I know there are lots of review sites but I think personal honest recommendations are also worth their weight in gold.

So if you have any tips, models, brands you love, brands you hate, great service, bad service please tell me about them.

Of course it’s got to work on a Mac. Be at least 3.2 mega pixel, SD compatible and be a compact model.

And that third bit of bad luck? I am still waiting ……..

11 thoughts on “You can with a Canon – but now I can’t.

  1. Mac Sokulski

    Ouch… I went through a lot of P&S cams lately…. too much. It was a toss up for me, between the Kodak V610 and Canon Powershot SD800 IS. The Kodak V610 is very nice, since it has a 10x optical zoom and bluetooth. Canon, does not have the same zoom power, but it’s easier to use. I would go with the Canon, but then again it’s just me.

  2. Darren Rolfe

    Decisions? Not really considered Kodak, have never considered them a front runner in digital cameras compared to the obvious names.

    Canon, I know they have such a good reputation. Think I must of just been unlucky. The guy in the store started suggesting new canon models to me. But considering I was bringing back a faulty canon camera. I find it hard to stay loyal to the canon brand.

    I have an old Pentax P30n conventional SLR that I got from my parents when I studied photography. Still going strong 20 years later. Love that camera. Not sure about pentax digital quality though.

    thanks for the comment mac. And if I find anything and I have any questions I will post here or maybe drop you an email.

  3. Gary

    I bought an Ixus 40 in late 2004. I don’t use it often these days (having bought an EOS 350 a year ago) but I do carry it with me everywhere I go so it’s always available. I managed to get the proper Canon case and it gets slid onto my belt every time I go out. Better to have it and not need/want it…
    If I was buying a compact camera again I’d only look at the Ixus range to begin with. Something outwith the range would have to be very, very good to tempt me away. I like the form-factor too much to want to change. (That and the fact that it’s many years since I’ve bought a non-Canon camera…) Rational? Not necessarily… 🙂

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    I always carry a P&S with me – so I went for portability. I got the Sony T7.I know it takes the wrong cards for you but I really recommend it (well I guess it’s replacement now) as it is superb.

  5. Wayne l

    Have you looked at the Canon Digital ELPH? Great P&S. Have had mine for years. Lightweight, rugged, itsy bitsy. Love it.

  6. Darren Rolfe

    After much research think I am warming to Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX3 in black finish!

    But, it’s not a done deal. Struggling to source one from a reputable dealer.

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