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Couple of questions I get asked most weeks playing cricket 1) Do you work for the NHS and 2) Why have you got a Greyhound Sticker on your bat?

Answer 1) No, the NHS ‘presence’ is part of me supporting the NHS this cricket season.

Answer 2) In recognition of the Galgo in particular but all Sighthounds who suffer such abuse. We have adopted three Galgos (one sadly has passed on) and through our ALStrays project I transported over 1100 to their new homes throughout Europe and the UK and we will always support and promote anybody that helps them.

This is my Shrey Cricket Helmet which I use in the nets and if I guest for a team, and yes it does have the NHS sticker on the back as do my bats.
All my bats have NHS Grip and Sticker and a Galgo/Greyhound Sticker on the back

I have referenced elsewhere where to get the NHS Stickers but I have never credited the excellent Sarah at Zoomies GB who produces the Greyhound stickers. You can check her out on Instagram or eBay

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