Born in 1963 in Yorkshire, England I was educated in the UK and USA ending up somehow with a BA (Hons) Economics (Lanchester Polytechnic) and a MSc Information Systems Design and Management (Kingston University).

I lived and worked in the UK, USA before taking a year out in Spain in 2003 – which somehow lasted until 2019. Based in Almerimar, I spent my time playing with the cats, walking the dogs, trying to keep fit & healthy and along with Sands (we married in 1992) running ALStrays the cat re-homing and transport project we have set up, which also transports cats & dogs within the UK and to Europe.

In 2019 we moved back to the UK to be closer to parents, and to give is enough time to establish and enjoy the next chapter of our life.

The site was originally called MyAppleStuff and I reviewed all things Mac but over the years I have reduced the writing, blogging, affiliate marketing activities etc and now the blog is very much a part time hobby, with absolutely no interest in trying to make money out of it.

The views expressed are mine and mine alone – I am happy to share them with you, and I am happy to hear back from you on any subject!


Married in 1992, Sandra is the island of sanity in my world. She has a tolerance towards me that is beyond belief. Happily she enjoys the use of technology but isn’t a ‘techy’ by any stretch of the imagination!

She is really into fitness and health, although her main interest is in helping re-home the stray and abandoned cats locally, and she does a tremendous job with ALStrays.


I started this blog in 2006, originally as, a blog to chart my introduction to the world of Apple after my purchase of a Apple PowerBook (ironically purchased the week they announced the deal with Intel which led to the MacBook Pro etc).

The original blog included a lot of reviews of Mac and Mac related products, applications and accessories, and led to me being a regular contributor on a number of American based Podcasts.

All of these reviews are still on the site if you want to check out the archives, but many will obviously be out of date now!

For a while the blog supported the columns I wrote for a number of Newspapers, most notably my Telegraph Expat Column, and other media activities (Sky News, BBC Radio etc) where I commented regular on life as an expat through the blog Almerimar Life (a top 1000 blog in the world at its prime, since sold, returned to our ownership, and closed down) I set up to look at life in Spain through the eyes of an expat.

In recent years the blog has supported the Re-homing and Transport project Sands and I have been running since 2008, ALStrays Re-homing and Transport, which re-homes cats from Spain to Germany and the UK, and transports rescue and pet cats and dogs within and from the UK.