Work these days is running the ALStrays Pet Transports, but we also have the family Educational and Consultancy Business that is now being run totally by ourselves, and we still have our Business Consultancy Partnership that isn’t dead in the water yet!!

  • ALStrays Pet Transport Services
  • established in 2010 we are a UK Based Pet Transport Business providing pet transport focussed on delivering withing and from the UK.

  • Marshall Innovations
  • established in the 1980’s to develop and promote educational materials and consultancy services, this is a 100% family owned business trading across multiple continents and with an unparalleled reputation and experience in the field of Mathematical Books, Games, Lectures, Workshops and Consultancy

  • M2 Associates
  • established in 1995 in the UK this VAT Partnership has done a number of Management Buy Outs, provided highly skilled management teams, and in later years was highly successful developing and implementing Internet strategies, to include high level content provision.