Born: 14th April 2006
Adopted: 14th November 2006
Background: Son of Saidi, we fed him in the street for a while before adopting him.


Born: 10th January 2005
Adopted: 10th January 2008
Died:3rd June 2020 (Stroke)
Background: Mother to several litters (including Moreno) she was the in the first colony that Sands got involved with feeding, sterilising and re-homing, before we adopted her.


Born: 31st March 2008
Adopted: 14th October 2008
Died: 26th November 2008 (Congenital Heart Defect)
Background: Sands brought her home from a rescue she volunteered at, really to die with dignity, but she rallied, enjoyed a brief but happy life with Moreno, before congenital heart defect ended her far too brief time with us.


Born: 24th November 2008
Adopted: 28th February 2009
Background: found drowning in the port he was in foster and due to go to Germany but we had to foster him for a week, so he stayed as he was very quickly great mates with Moreno, who had really enjoyed having Orla to play with


Born: 1st May 2010
Adopted: 17th June 2010
Background: found in the garden of a rental property with the remains of her sibling, she had a really badly broken leg and it was touch and go if it would need amputating. After 6 weeks of 24/7 care from us she wasn’t going anywhere, especially as she quickly joined Oscar in ‘Team Mori’


Born: 16th April 2011
Adopted: 14th June 2011
Background: found on the beach one evening while walking, he purred all the way home in Sands arms and had been adopted before he even got through the front door!


Born: 10th June 2012
Adopted: 15th July 2012
Background: found tied up outside a market in Murcia, he was brought back to Almerimar by their friends so we could foster him and get him ready to go to them in the UK, BUT he made friends with Dusky so quickly and was so at home here, he stayed, freeing up room for three legged Cheeky Boy to to go to the family who were going to have him in the UK.


Born: 1st July 2015
Adopted: 17th August 2015
Died: 9th March 2016 (FiP)
Background: found in a bush in a nature reserve alongside the beach one morning we brought her home and she just ticked all the boxes so stayed!



Born: 21st April 2016
Adopted: 21st June 2016
Background: we were walking across to the vets from the van when I heard a cry and tracked this little fella down to the inside of a car engine. 90 minutes later I had released him. Brought him home to recover and he just settled in straight away. Looks very similar to Sophie (he is black she was grey), called out for help in the same way she did, and has very similar mannerisms.


2016-07-21 09.22.12

Born: 5th March 2016
Adopted: 20th July 2016
Background: Found as a two week old kitten in Almeria this lovely fella had been in three foster homes before he came to us. We were first made aware of him a month or so before we adopted him, as he was living in a foster with a dog, who unfortunately died. Marti loves dogs and we had been hoping that Sophie would be a play friend with Tigra. We had decided to adopt Marti but when we rescued Tobi we thought one was enough, but felt a tad guilty and figured that Tobi would like a play mate so the rest as they say is history!!!

Dinky and The Donuts

Found by Sands on August 4th 2020 abandoned and left outside a charity shop in a cat box!

Dinky: Mummy Cat

Born: 7th March 2019
Adopted: 4th August 2020


Born: 3rd August 2020
Adopted 4th August 2020


Born: 3rd August 2020
Adopted 4th August 2020


Born: 3rd August 2020
Adopted 4th August 2020


Born: 3rd August 2020
Adopted 4th August 2020


Born: 3rd August 2020
Adopted 4th August 2020