FUBAR Paper Review: 23rd August 2014

I will be reviewing the papers this morning with Jon Gaunt on FUBAR Radio at 11.30am (remember you can listen on line or download the app for free, and there is no subscription charge).

I am not sure which stories we will be discussing, but below are a number which have caught the eye during the week:

Health and Fitness dominated, but surely nothing can beat the Breathe in! School trousers on sale with 50ins waist for overweight pupils as obesity figures soar story in the Daily Mail as evidence as to just how big (pun intended) an issue obesity is. Reading the story I reflected back on my own school: 3ins and 5ins waisted trousers, flared at that, platform shoes and still we played football at break time with a tennis ball! Now though official figures show that nearly one in ten four to five year olds are obese!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.22.38 PM

The rise of the fat children is storing up problems for the future. If abdominal fat remains into adulthood it’s linked to kidney disease, cardiovascular problems and type 2 diabetes.

While two boys and one girl per 100,000 aged ten to 14 were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes between 1991 and 1995, this rose to 32 boys and 35 girls by 2006-2010.

Surely it is time that ‘fast food’ packaging carried the same style warnings as alcohol and cigarettes? Obesity Kills on your Big Mac packaging etc. And then there is the issue that booze and fags bring in big tax revenues to pay for treatment but not much tax on a 1€ burger, especially when the companies involved are good at hiding tax offshore

As if to prove the point The Telgraphs Unfit Gloucestershire police told to eat healthy reported that officers from Gloucestershire Constabulary were the most unfit in the west of England, according to figures from the College of Policing this week, with almost one in ten officers failing a new national test.

Hope then for the obese kids that turn to crime that at least the police wont be able to catch them!

The Times got in on the act as well with Slim to reduce the risk of dementia, middle-aged told as those that are obese in middle age are about 50 per cent more likely to develop dementia.

The younger the age at which people became obese the greater the risk, with obese thirtysomethings more than three times as likely to develop the disease.

However, people who were obese in their 80s were less likely to get dementia, which could signal a protective effect of hormones linked to fat, or simply that people in the early stages of the disease are more likely to be malnourished.

The second subject to catch the eye was the Express article Could closing betting shops be the death of British high street? more because I thought they were already dead! I would turn the High Streets into focused accommodation centres for those unable to travel: students, elderley, the poor. That way you might encourage smaller retailers back to the High Street, but it would all be pointless if the article is correct: Instead of ridding high streets of the undesirable shops, a change in planning rules could see town centres swamped instead by building societies, banks, accountants, lawyers and estate agents.

Local government chiefs say the Government proposals mean such businesses will be able to take over shop premises and squeeze out small, independent retailers.

They will no longer need planning permission to take over coveted sites because they are being lumped in the same A1 planning retail classification as these small independents. Until now they have been classed A2 and needed permission for a change of use.

Something needs to be done because at the moment unless you want to place a bet, buy a pie, or shop for some One Pound tat there is no point going into a High Street.

Third main story that caught my eye as in The Mail who reported that 700,000 migrants ‘do not try to learn English’ and the rather inflammatory statement that Some three-quarters-of-a-million migrants struggle to speak a word of English and are taking no steps to learn, shocking new figures have revealed.

Swap the UK for Spain, and you could say the same thing about the Expats who have fled the UK (often be-moaning the increase of immigrants) for Sunny Spain and a life of Fish n Chips, English Beer, Sky TV and not a word of Spanish.

Will put my hands up: my Spanish is very poor! I have tried numerous times to learn but it just isn’t my forte. I have a BA (Hons) and a MSc but didn’t even take French at CSE I was that bad. I can find my way around a balance sheet, a business plan or a company prospectus, but tell me what a knife is in Spanish (for the 50th time) and I will have forgotten in the morning.

Living in another country the language is important, but so is understanding the culture and traditions, fitting in with the way of life, taking the opportunity to learn. Jumping on the language issue is an easy option, and hypocritical!


The Mail ran a disturbing story that Double Gloucester to DISAPPEAR from UK as cows die out

The Telegraph reported that Nearly quarter of suicide cases at Dignitas are Brits

The mail reported that Farmer Tony Martin – who shot burglar dead at his remote cottage in 1999 – says he won’t return home in case history repeats itself

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