FUBAR Paper Review: 6th September 2014

I will be reviewing the papers this morning with Jon Gaunt on FUBAR Radio at 11.45am (remember you can listen on line or download the app for free, and there is no subscription charge).

I am not sure which stories we will be discussing, but below are a number which have caught the eye during the week:

Living in Spain the stand out story was the increase in the Unemployment level in August with reports such as this one on Press TV reporting that a total of 8,070 Spaniards joined the jobless ranks last month, meaning that 4,427,930 people were registered as looking for work at the country’s state-run employment offices by the end of August.

The figures also revealed that the number of the people signed on to the country’s social security system plummeted by 97,582 to 16,649,521people.

Spain’s national statistics institute recorded 5.5 million unemployed individuals in Spain in June, yielding an unemployment rate of 24.47 percent. The number was second only to Greece, where the jobless rate stood at 27.3%.

Only a couple of weeks ago I wrote that Spain’s National Debt is close to 100% of GDP, and in 10% of Spanish households, all family members capable of working are unemployed.

August is traditionally a month when unemployment drops with the seasonal work in the tourism and agricultural industries. It is hard to see what the Government are doing about it, primarily because they are in denial.

If you want to read a good essay on this I suggest the A Fistful Of Euros blog and their What Is The Risk The Euro Crisis Will Reignite? post.

The main story in the UK press to catch my eye (in no small part because we use Calais Shuttle every month with our Pet Transport Business) is the coverage of the illegal immigrants at Calais trying to get into the UK.

Woman’s shock after she drives home to Kent from France – and finds an illegal immigrant hiding in the back of her Fiat Panda on the Mail Online may bring a smile to the face (and make you wonder how she didn’t notice) their feature reporting that the new camp for Calais migrants is rejected: Plea by mayor of Calais rejected by Interior Minister highlights the level of problem with over 1,300 migrants sleeping rough. The same article reports that the Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart blames Britain’s generous welfare and asylum systems for attracting a stream of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East (he has a point!) but surely the Guardian story reporting that Calais mayor threatens to block port if UK fails to help deal with migrants highlights the arrogance of the French at the worst, and the total ineptitude of the EU: first sign of an issue and it is each country to their own, and no coherent approach to solving the problem. While one feels sorry for the migrants it is hard to have any sympathy for the French attitude, and of course the innocent victims in this will once again be the consumer and freight companies with the Mail Online reporting that Lorry drivers are being ordered to avoid Calais because of confrontations with knife-wielding illegal immigrants who are trying to get to Britain.

A number of stories combine to make my third story this week: The Express reported that Pensioners ‘should pay more tax to fund their care’ while at the same time The Times reported that Pensions crisis means millions of Britons will never retire which appears to cancel each other out – there is bad news and good news – when you retire you will be taxed more, but you wont ever retire so don’t worry about it!

Can’t think of a better couple of stories for demonstrating just what a mess the UK is in, and how impossible it is for the general public to have any confidence that the authorities even know this never mind are doing anything about it.

And in relation to previous subjects we have debated:

Mail Online: Obese man who dropped from 41 to 26st ‘died after suffering brain damage during an operation to remove excess skin’

Scottish Express: Crematorium’s ‘only one obese person per day’ rule

Daily Express: The pressure is on: Beer belly could be a killer

The Telegraph: Obese Children Six Times More Likely To Have High Blood Pressure

The Times: Now EU prepares to pull plug on juicers

The Telegraph: First time buyers tempted by 35 and 40 year mortgages despite having to pay back double

The Times: Most common last name for doctors is Khan

The Telegraph: Poorly trained teachers ‘unable to deliver new curriculum’

The Guardian: Charities should stick to knitting and keep out of politics

Mail Online: Forget eating local! A THIRD of travellers prefer British food to foreign dishes… and one in 10 will whip up a Full English and roast dinner on holiday

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