iPhone Modem

Anyone used iPhoneModem ($9.99) on a Jailbroken 2.1 iPhone?

You should, if you are at all interested in using your iPhone (and more importantly it’s data plan) as a modem on your Notebook when you are out of WiFi coverage, or don’t want to pay WiFi charges.

It is still in it’s Beta phase at the moment, and is unsupported by Apple, but it is easy enough to use and good enough for most day to day use.

You will need to Jailbreak your iPhone and download the application from Cydia, and you should also download the helper application, either off their site or if you want then here.

The way it works is that on the Mac it creates a separate WiFi network (you get to name it i.e. iPhone Modem), that you can password protect so is secure and unique to you. You need to have WiFi turned on on your iPhone and select the iPhone WiFi network on your Mac, press connect on the Mac application and hey presto you are up and running.

Are some limitations based on the technology (it uses a Socks Proxy), so it doesn’t work well with Mail application (but that is ok if you have webmail) and it needs a manual configuration of Firefox each time, but if you use Safari then it is seamless, and as quick as the 3G connection that you receive in your area.

So far I have been impressed, and am pleased as the lack of iPhone Modem capabilities was something that I have always whined about, especially when compared to the Nokia N95.

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  1. Great question!!!

    To the best of my knowledge, and according to their web site no. All that it requires is a Jailbroken phone, on v 2.0 or above as it used the Internet connection.

    You get to try the application out before you buy it as well.

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