MacWorld 2008

Happy New Year. Hope you saved some money ready for MacWorld Expo? What do you reckon they will be tempting us with this year:

  • Sub Notebook
  • 2nd Generation iPhone
  • New Apple Cinema Displays
  • Upgraded AppleTV

Personally I can never figure out what is a which list and what is informed analysis when reading all the predictions, and I am known to get things pretty spectacularly wrong most years.

As for my own wish list I would love to see the Mac mini upgraded to allow dual screen use, and to sit as a realistic option to the iMac for those of us that don’t want to ‘waste’ money on a very nice looking computer that at the end of the day you can’t really upgrade.

I would like to see Apple recognise that they are ripping us off when it comes to RAM both in terms of the inadequate amounts they install as stock, and the excessive prices they charge for their RAM.

What I would love to see most is that they add a useful iPhone to the range – one that is more phone that iPod, and more business orientated that fun focussed.

The main thing though, that overrides all of the above is that they move away from Style over Substance and start to ship things that didn’t need upgrades within a week, or that scratched, or needed hacking. I have felt for a while now that they are spreading themselves too thin as they try and convert the whole world to Mac and that what they should be doing is getting deeper into their existing market with some really heavy weight products:

  • An AppleTV with 1TB or storage
  • Am iPod Touch and iPhone with 32GB RAM
  • A Media bundle with the Mac mini, AppleTV and TVMax+

As you will imagine their are a lot of people writing up their predictions for MacWorld Expo at the moment but here are few links that you may enjoy reading:

Paul Stamatiou
Ryan Block
Colbert Low

Let me know what you predict, or just plain wish for – and where will you be keeping track on the the keynote?

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  1. Better be a new iPod Touch. Been waiting 3 weeks for it!

    I’ll be sitting here when the keynote launches. I’ve gotten several tickets to Macworld from various vendors if I wanted them, too bad I won’t be there!

  2. @ Wayne

    I think you are going to be disappointed with no new iPod Touch announcement. It is only a little over 3 months since they announced the current and then some more before they actually shipped the iPod Touch. Just my P.O.V.

    I was in your position and waited and waited. Then with the realisation that Santa would not be delivering me a pressie on Chrimbo morning I crumbled. But after much thought.

    I use my 8 gig for a specific listening activity. And it’s ample.

  3. In agreement over the RAM issue, but don’t think we’ll see a change on that unfortunately.

    I’m interested to see what happens with the Laptops – specifically Macbook Pro’s as holding off a potential purchase at present. 12″ would seem to be a popular return to the top end stable, although the Sub-notebook issue is being banded around a lot at present.

  4. A proper refresh of the MacBook Pro better be in the offing as I have been holding off for ages before upgrading my PowerBook…

    A capacity bump in the Touch would make me buy one.

  5. [quote comment=”28910″] been holding off for ages before upgrading my PowerBook….[/quote]


    Should also have mentioned I think they may spend time on the new ‘iPhone apps’ side of things which could be interesting.

  6. Well an iPhone is a no brainer for me even without extra apps but I am going to wait until Swisscom fully supports it here…hopefully sometime this year and a 3G versions would be tops. A guaranteed buyer.

  7. Personally I’m waiting for the 12″ replacement. The Macbook is nice, but I find the screen on the 12″ Powerbook nicer and crisper than on the macbook. Hopefully Apple will announce something like that. Don’t really care for the touch screen, as this may make the device expensive. A nice fast 12″ or smaller with a high res screen would be very desirable.

  8. My wish list would be like most of you.

    A replacement for my 12″ Powerbook, especially with a better screen! (I’ve never been impressed by the display on mine compared to other brands like Sony).

    A much higher spec Mac Mini would be nice or even better, a new mid range desktop (to get the most out of the lovely monitor that came with our Dell PC. Talk about style over substance Chris, have you tried Vista? Grrrrr)

    A new mouse to match the new keyboards (though it would have to be as good as the offerings from Microsoft and Logitech)

    I’d be amazed if there were any changes to the iPod range, given that it is not long ago the new ones were launched. I’m delighted with my 8Gb Nano. It is the best thing I’ve bought for ages.

  9. Can’t say I have any interest in sub Notebook. I had a couple of the really small Sony Vaio Notebooks in the past which were great. Still got one somewhere! Just can’t see me using such a small screen. The MacBook is great, but too small. Am getting tempted by a 17″ MBP.

    Funny I thought about a keyboard and mouse, but that would be a miracle! At the moment style is beating substance on that one. Anything they brought out would have to be better than my MX and deNovo, which isn’t going to happen,

    Vista – afraid so 🙁

  10. The point of a notebook is that it is a portable device. The problem with a 17″ screen is that the machine is virtually a desktop size. Having said that, a friend of mine who is a studio photographer specializing in commercial work, uses a 17″ powerbook which links up to the Phase One camera back. He uses it for location work and editing.

    I like the portability of the 12″ otherwise I’d go for the 15″ which is a good compromise.

    They’ll never make a right handed mouse, they are not easy on the eye. I just wish they’d make one which felt as solid as others out there. I have the wired Mighty mouse which has gone faulty. It was never nice to use, The original bluetooth mouse is their best one but only one button 🙁

  11. [quote comment=”29122″]The point of a notebook is that it is a portable device. The problem with a 17″ screen is that the machine is virtually a desktop size. [/quote]

    Agreed for some people 17″ is way over ‘portable’ however I use mine as a portable and love it. I guess it’s all down to personal preference. I love the concept of the compact size of the 12″ but think I’d be frustrated by the screen real estate very quickly.

    I guess it also depends on use – I have a lot of apps going concurrently during average use and for me, I like having the space to layout 3 apps on the screen. Maybe I could use spaces more but can never quite get to grips with it.

    The best of both worlds would be to own one of each and pick and choose! We can but dream!

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