Pickwick Backpack

I have a new favourite website, www.brooksengland.com having come across them when I recently bought their Pickwick Backpack.

They are (so it seems) famous for custom made, classic style, leather seats for bikes, and the ones they have on their site look excellent.

They also do a range of classic style panniers and bags, and such things as leather cycle clips and trouser guards!

Unfortunately they have next to nothing that I actually need, and although tempted by their bags I really can’t justify getting one …. yet!

Well saying that they do have a rather attractive looking Multitool

Anyway the Pickwick Backpack is excellent, with a very good build quality and a simplicity that I love (no fussy pockets and zips). The canvas is strong and robust, the leather supple and well worn, and the fastenings feel strong and secure.

With one main compartment with just a couple of sleeves for a phone etc and a bottom zipped area it does the job that I want it for perfectly.

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