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Samsung S4 Dual SIM

With technology it is not about what it does, but what it does for you.

I first swapped over from the iPhone to Android in July 2012 with the purchase of a Samsung S2, which was subsequently replaced with a S3 (stolen in Bosnia), and that in turn with an S4 (as an aside I also switched away from the iPad to the Note 10.1, again with no regrets at all).

For me two factors determined mu move away from Apple: 1) the form factor just hasn’t evolved enough – the iPhone is basically the same now as it was when I got an original one, and 2) Apple’s continuing attempt at brain washing – with Android I feel that the users priorities are determining the development, with Apple it is their “I know best” for example, I seriously doubt that a user group would have come up with finger print sensor as a priority feature!

But I digress (a little).

Last December I bought a Samsung S4 Dual SIM. Only released in Asia, it differs only from my original S4 in that it has Chinese as the default language (but does have English so not a problem), has modified software so future upgrades not going to be an option (but like a lot of my Apple kit), and of course it has the Dual SIM capability.

The Dual SIM capability is important to me as I am in the UK every month with our ALStrays Transport business, so use a giffgaff account in the UK (Movistar here in Spain). While I initially used to use an older Samsung S2 in the UK I soon got fed up with carrying two phones around with me in Spain once the inevitable happened and people started passing on my UK number to potential clients.

The Dual SIM Samsung has one huge benefit: it is seamless. Having installed the two micro SIM cards the phone allows you to select which one you want to be active in terms of the data service. When you go to make a call, or send a text, it just has a second send button with the second SIM card so you just use the phone as normal and then select which SIM card you are going to phone or text from. If anybody phones or texts either number (UK or Spain) the phone rings or alerts as normal (you can set separate notification alerts for each SIM) so there is no switching between SIM cards. Wherever I am both accounts are active, accessible and useable at all times.

Slight flaw is that the phone does power on/off from time to time, usually when it is in a docking station, but that isn’t a huge issue as it probably happens twice a week, and I think it is linked to the battery being hot at the time.

So for me this is perfect, a good example of technology doing for me exactly what I need it to do.

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