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As you know I have been offering readers of the blog the opportunity to buy ImageWell for $14.95 (CAD) a saving of $5 (CAD). I am therefore really happy to be able to offer ShutterBug as well, with a pretty impressive 25% off with coupon code CMRSB. You will pay $29.95 (CAD) a saving of $10 (CAD) over the full price of $39.95 (CAD).

All you have to do is click on the banner above, or follow this link

A little inside knowledge from the developers ……… they are planning to release the next version soon, which will have a shopping cart function!

About ShutterBug

Whether it’s a personal site to share your photos, movies, and stories or a professional presence to communicate your message and services, ShutterBug can help you do it, easily, quickly, and custom built to your specific needs. Create a stylish website in a snap and publish it to any web host with one click of a button. Drag and drop your photos, media files, and pages, input and edit your text and links, edit your photos and captions, and one click, it’s off to the web! Select from more than 80 free, fully customizable themes or design your very own look with the easy to use layout tools. ShutterBug equips you with the tools you need to create the website you’ve always wanted, and without any need for a graphic designer or knowledge of HTML.

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  1. I could never get the hang of Imagewell – one of the few Mac apps that’s defeated me – is there any reason to use it in favour of say Skitch and Graphic Converter?

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