The Helmet Place

Searching online recently for a bluetooth motorbike helmet I cam across a company called The Helmet Place who sell a V-can Flip Up Bluetooth Helmet for £149.99

Having now had the opportunity to use said helmet I am very impressed. Great price obviously and while style is a matter of taste I love the look and feel of the matt black helmets I bought.

The battery compartment is a little fiddly but once the battery is in there is no need to remove it, although I have looked without success (yet) for a desktop charger for the batteries.

Pairing is easy once you realise that you have to turn the helmet on and keep the button pressed down to entering pairing mode. The instructions aren’t very clear and I was turning the helmet on (2 secs) and then depressing the button (5 secs) which was just turning the helmet on. To entering pairing with the helmet off you press and hold the button for 5 seconds.

Pairing is easy. My helmet is paired with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Zumo GPS and with Sands helmet, which is paired with her iPhone.

If you want to use the phone while riding it works up to 60mph after which the helmets have a cut off which I think is great.

Quality of the conversation, music and instructions from the headsets is first class.

And they are extremely comfortable with a lot of padding.

Happy to have found a little online goldmine!


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