Upgrading iPhones to 3.0

Had two iPhones to upgrade. My 3G one and Sands 1st Generation one. Both were jailbroken and unlocked, and both where still on Version 2.1.1.

So how did it go?

Went with mine first ….. ever the gentlemen eh!

All went well until I got the following error message:


I hate messages like this. Like seeing a policeman when you are driving you just assume that you have done something wrong!!! Anyway initial panic over I removed the iPhone from the dock, powered it off, and powerd it back up again. All seemed OK, saw the iTunes connection screen and then the option to enter my PIN number ….

Reconnected the iPhone and was sat back happily waiting when *ping* another error message:


This looked a little more worrying to be honest as it came during the activation process. Figured though that as I had pretty much jumped into the upgrade as soon as it became available it was just the iTunes store too busy, but heh it wasn’t as if Apple didn’t know that was the case.

20 minutes and 3 motre attempts later was still getting the same message …..

Sent out a Tweet to see if I was alone.

Powered off the phone again, powered it back up and gave it another go. Get the Apple logo all nice and clear, then the connect to iTunes screen, then a message saying need to unlock the SIM card. Entered the pin and back to the iTunes connection screen. Phone only set for emergency calls at this point. Reconnected the iPhone ……….. *ping* still getting the above error message!

Checked Twitter ….. had a dozen or so replies, all but one saying they had got or had had the same message. Gotta love Twitter. Good to know wasn’t alone, so went to make a cup of tea and let iTunes store calm down. Good job I hardly ever get any phone calls though!

40 minutes later and a LOT of mixed experiences on Twitter (thanks all) I was in and got this message:


Few minutes later got the OK message and the iPhone was good to go!

Well that is until I went to sync it and I got the following error message:


Problem was with a corrupt Photo or Photo Album. Not sure which as I just unsyned them all and then synced less (one at a time) and have the ones that I want/need so happy to leave it at that.

Feeling confident I headed over to Sands iMac to upgrade her iPhone ………….


By now though Twitter was ablaze with updates, so I was prepared for this, so watched some TV then headed back and heh presto, 5 mins in total and Sands iPhone was up and running.

NOW all I need is the Jailbreak to come through so I can get QIK back as I LOVE that application!

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  1. I did my iPod Touch (2nd generation) earlier tonight and everything seems to have gone pretty smoothly.

    The first sync after the reboot included a backup which probably took about 15 minutes (the last one before the upgrade took under a minute), but thereafter, normal service has been resumed.

    Now to see if I can get that camera I’ve seen mentioned working… 😉

  2. Would assume Touch easier than iPhone as the issue I was geting was with the iPhone activation server, which the Touch doesn’t need to go through.

    Looking forward to the camera update!

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