A nightmare on Infinite Loop…

Well it’s official Leopard has been delayed until October. Apparently due to resources being drained by the development of the iPhone.

Personally, I would rather have Leopard then an iPhone. So this means, I probably won’t be installing a new OS until next year!!

I have never been one to jump in early for such major upgrades. I like to know things are O.K. before I commit, leave it a few months to let things settle.

But if you fancy installing on the day it launches – be my guest!

It’s delayed until October, with no specific date as yet. But wouldn’t it be spooky if it were launched on Halloween?

Listen out for things that go bump in your new OS…

5 thoughts on “A nightmare on Infinite Loop…

  1. Mac Sokulski

    I was actually expecting this. Like you, I could care less about the iPhone. I for once will be installing leopard as soon as it arrives. Some people, should take a pill though. I read some comments somewhere like this:
    ” This is my last Mac ever” or “I’m switching to windows” etc. etc. Just because Apple made a little change. Compared to Vista delays, this is nothing. Also what is so wrong with Tiger??

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Two words – “Corporate Fatigue”!!

    Have said it all year long, 2006 was an exceptional year with all the Intel Macs, 2007? Nada – one ‘so-so’ AppleTV, but apart from that no iLife 07 (or any sign of), iPhone – may JUST squeeze into the June timeframe IF They through more engineers at it, Leapord – delayed.

    Am not at all surpsrised or worried – my money is fine in my bank account for a little longer, and as you say OS X is awesome anyway!!!

    PS – must be all those secret features!!!!!

  3. Wayne LeFevre

    Great! I was planning this big Leopard upgrade and iLife/iWork upgrade. Was going to go family style this time. (Legalities aside, what’s the difference besides $50?) Now it looks like I can buy that AppleTV!

    Now, if I ONLY had a TV that it would play on…

  4. Darren Rolfe

    I admire your courage Mac. But it’s a bit different for me as only have one mac and I use it for work, so naturally I would be a bit cautious. Would you install it on all your macs or run a test mac?

    I am not disappointed at the delay as I think the majority of users realize it will come when it’s ready.

    But, as soon as it does come, us users will be on to the next big thing to be released. The iWaffle remember you heard it here first.

  5. Mac Sokulski

    I can understand that a work Mac is a different story. I’m as cautious as you when it comes to work systems. My Macs are more for pleasure work, than anything else, and I would be quite surprised if Leopard would produce the same problems when installed on a Macbook pro or Mac Pro, as Windows Vista does when installed on a new machine running XP. I haven’t gone through a OS upgrade on a Mac yet, as I switched when Tiger was introduced. Somehow I have a feeling it will be a more fun experience than XP-Vista.

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