Chris Marshall

Fluc Me

Fluc provides a services that is basically ad-funded phone plans with content relevant to your location with worldwide operator networks. You can build a network from your website and advertisers can target this website! Very Google Ad like Fluc works for both the mobile user and publisher, and the advertisers

Videochat with Adium

I just picked this up off Appletell. It seems that there is a work around that now allows you to download a plugin. Once installed (which is easy) the plugin loads up MeBeam in your browser and starts a flash video chat. When you want to videochat with someone, ctrl-click

Version 4.0

Welcome to Version 4.0 of the site. As I mentioned previously the main objective was to make the site a little less cluttered, and more focussed in terms of what I want to concentrate on. Before I explain the changes to the site, let me explain a few changes that

MySpace and Google get it on

MySpace has agreed to join OpenSocial, Google’s new platform designed to allow developers to build applications that will work on any website. MySpace joins other sites including Bebo, LinkedIn and Orkut in signing up to OpenSocial. Via [BBC] Tweet ShareTweetShare0 Shares

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