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Vitality T20: Flawed Structure

Have thoroughly enjoyed my first full season of the T20 at Edgbaston, and am looking forward to Finals Day.

Have no idea why the ECB thinks The Hundred is needed, or indeed how it will improve cricket in the UK, but that is a post for another day I guess.

For now I want to talk about the inherent unfairness in the current T20 structure, which seems bizarre to me.

Unless I am mistaken there are two divisions (North and South) comprising of nine teams. So far so good, no issues with this.

In each division each team plays 14 games, which means that through some formulae that I have not bothered to look for, all teams DO NOT play each other twice! How can this be fair? One team could play a poorly performing twice and a on form team once, and vice versa which has to be unfair, and sport if nothing else needs to be fair!

It gets worse! I am OK with the concept of a Quarter Final and Finals Day, but surely the winner of each division should go through to the Finals Day by right, not have to win a Quarter Final round. Of course this would mean that second place played third so would be one less game (but compensated by the two extra games each team would play in the divisions, and the Quarter Final would have to be renamed – call in Semi Final with Finals Day being Divisional Final and Tournament Final.

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