iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak Experience

Yesterday I ‘took the plunge’ and upgraded the iPhone from 1.0.1 to 2.0 and then used the Pwnage Tool to jailbreak it.

My main (probably irrational) fear was that as the iPhone was still on the 1.0.1 upgrading it would be a problem, but that as it turned out was the easy bit. I used iTunes to upgrade to 2.0 (as Pwnage requires the original .ipsw file) and that was fine, got the expected SIM card error message as the phone was now expecting an AT&T card.

I dragged the .ipsw file onto the desktop, and made sure that I had the BL-39.bin and BL-46.bin files there as well. No idea why, but Mac said they were required and had been kind enough to email them over.

I ran the Pwnage Tool with no problems, got the Pineapple logo to show it was jailbroken, but it was still looking for an AT&T SIM. Actually looking isn’t the right word, it was demanding it and when it couldn’t find it sort of went into meltdown and iTunes refused to see the iPhone, and the iPhone just froze. At one point I was treated to a cartoon of Steve Jobs on the iPhone with his arms in the air and a load of jibberish coming out of his mouth. Have to confess that I thought it was bricked at this point, but eventually got iTunes to recognise that there was a iPhone in recovery mode. Tried restoring from the Pwnage Tool custom .ipsw file with no joy.

At this point sort of realised that the problem was probably down to the fact that I had said it was a legitimate phone when asked by Pwnage Tool, rather than No so I ran the whole thing again, and this time I ended up with a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone!!!

Next up iTunes restored all my files to the iPhone which was pretty cool, until I got the message that iTunes couldn’t read the iPhone and I had to restore it! Well as I was going to give the iPhone to Sands eventually I thought I would see if it would sync with her iTunes, but nope – same error message.

So this time I restored to 2.0 and ran Pwnage Tool on her iMac. Result!!!!! Sands is now the the proud owner of a Jailbroken iPhone running 2.0. As for me the replacement N95 isn’t here, and the 3G iPhone may be in the stores here in a week or two, so I am sin phone as they say!!!

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