Shivering Kittens (iPhone Game!)

Cats play a huge part in my life, whether it be our two adopted cats Moreno & Saidi or the project Sands has set up to help the stray cats in Almerimar.

Tehnology plays a huge part in my life, in particular the iPhone which I find myself using more and more as the days go by. I had the original iPhone as soon as it came out, and enjoyed the form factor etc but didn’t really use it. The 3G iPhone is a different story althogether, primarily because of the 3G and the Applications that are available, and I must admit the games.

I am not a big gamer at all. I enjoy the occasional play, but tend to quickly get bored, assuming I can figure them out in the first place, but I recently came across a game that, rather like a ‘perfect storm‘ brought together all three aspects:

  • It is about rescuing kittens
  • It is on the iPhone
  • It is simple enough for even me to play

It is also highly addictive, very ‘cute’, and reminisant of Tetris, which I am old enough to remember the original version. It is also a game that I can only play when I am out of the apartment, or Moreno is up on the roof as as soon as he hears the meows from the released kittens he goes mad trying to find them.

So what is Shivering Kittens?

In this quirky new puzzle game, you free adorable kittens from their icy confinement by arranging falling blocks. The more ice blocks you set, the more kittens you save!

With each kitten you rescue, the satisfying ice crunch and plaintive meows reward you for your efforts. For those brave souls who want to up the ante, Shivering Kittens comes in 10 increasingly challenging levels.

In a world dominated by speed, violance, and greed (attributes more often than not reflected in games) Shivering Kittens is ‘just’ a nice, pleasant, gentle game with a huge ‘feel good’ factor that you can’t help but smile at.

The application is available on the iTunes Store for $2.99, and is very well marketed with a couple of freebie downloads including a ringtone that you will either love or hate ……. Sands banned me from using it after a week!!!! They also have a online store for the real addicts that want to buy a coffee mug, t-shirt etc ….. I haven’t actually shown Sands that yet!!


The above video is available on You Tube

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