TuneBar 4 Sneak Preview

Regular reader and business partner Tom Hancocks has given me a sneak heads up on the next version of the popular application TuneBar. TuneBar 4 has a number of improvements:

  1. Massively improved Hot Key support. Fully customizable, and ability to create them
  2. Redesigned and revamped Notifications
  3. Completely redesigned UI (see below)

It also has a number of new features including the much requested support for Last.FM.

Check out the screen shot, and keep an eye out for the official release any day soon. And ….. keep an eye out for macZot! on Monday where you will be able to get a discounted version of TuneBar 3 and a free upgrade to version 4!

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  1. @Luke: Just recently (the past couple of months actually) I’ve been absolutely inundated with contracts from clients that have left me very little free time in which to develop TuneBar 4. I have no intention of letting it become vapour ware. I’m actually thankful that I’ve been forced to step back from it for a while as the last couple of months have forced me to learn a lot of newer and more modern techniques than I may have been previously using which will benefit TuneBar massively. I hope to resume working on TuneBar on January 1st 2009, once my schedule has freed up a bit.

  2. It’s nearly a year and a half from this post but I still haven’t seen any news of Tunebar 4 coming out soon! I’ve been following Tom’s updates on Twitter for the past few months but development seems like it’s really slowing down. Is there any projected month that the application will be released? Or is Tunebar 3 going to be the last release? I believe that Tom is still in school according to Twitter and being in college myself, I understand that time is very limited. But I just love Tunebar so much that I’d really like to see the new version come out!

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