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My name is Chris. I am addicted to bags, cases and all type of accessories!

There is no getting away from it. I have more ways of carrying stuff than I would even dare to start counting, but I have never actually had something that I could wrap a notebook in. Well until now that is!

I recently got my eager little mitts on a Oktavius Oliv Lptop Case (18,90€) from 10TURIO. It has an intriguing design, basically wrapping itself around your Mac Book (or 15″ Mac Book Pro).



  • available for all laptops / MacBooks from 11“- 15.4“ inches
  • extremely light-weight and resistable protection for all laptops
  • rollover design for optimal grip
  • 3 mm high density foam protects against bumps and jolts, wetness and dirt
  • size-adjustably because of patented loops-catch
  • outer shell is made of long-living 420D hightech polyester
  • safety laptop transport
  • machine-washable
  • 550 x 550 x 150 mm
  • 0,235 kg (extremely light)


Fun and competent, I see this as more a means of covering your notebook when you are carrying it than a way of protecting it in your case. It looks good and is easy to use (especially when you figure out that you only have to half undo it to slip the notebook in from one of the ends) but it doesn’t really offer enough protection.

If you want a sleeve that you throw into your backpack and battle your way through the crowds this probably isn’t for you. I certainly didn’t feel comfortable enough to drop the Mac Book in the sleeve into the bag on the Harley. As a means of wrapping the Mac Book up to protect it from ‘wear and tear’ damage in a bag that also has files, pens etc. then it is great.

At the price you wouldn’t expect anything else, so that makes it a really good product.

I really liked the design, ease of use, and form factor – well worth taking a look at.

Promotional Material

I have to say that as far as promotional and support material goes the information they provided on the CD was better than I have received from any other company.

About the Company

The imagination of 10TURIO® protection laptop sleeve is simple and stylish.

Our designed products (Notebook sleeves, Messangers and Laptop Bags) are colourful, distinctive, light-weight and protect all your beloved laptops/ MacBooks/ iBooks and electronic products against bumps and jolts.

We are producing and manufactoring protections for safety transport in business laptop cases, notebook backpacks and schoolbags during flight, train and bus journeys.

The easy unfold into a big pad offers a brilliant protection against wetness and dirt on tables.
Simple handling paired with a customer-friendly price as well as the following of the Origami technic!

Our slogan says: it is not always black in business, therefore you have “10TURIO®.” (TENTURIO)


4 thoughts on “10TURIO Sleeve

  1. Dunks

    Glad I’m not the only one addicted to bags! I currently have 5 laptop bags and actually don’t use any of them. I use of of my (11) rucsacs and just stick the laptop in a padded sleeve!

    In fairness, at my new school the ICT dept is a big distance from the car park and I found with all the folders & computer stuff the laptop bags were too heavy on the shoulder strap and giving my shoulder/back some grief. However, using a rucsac, even just one strap over the shoulder is much more comfortable as the load sits close to my back and higher up.

    About time I put tha laptop cases on eBay!

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