20% off Bit Clamp

I previewed BitClamp a short while ago, but let me just remind you that it has been developed by regular reader Daniel Greg and the site (CrimsonSkySoftware) was designed and developed by regular reader Tom Hancocks, so it is an application that is close to my heart – well that may be stretching it a little. It is a very cool application and I like Danny and Tom a lot! Oh yes, I wrote the copy for the web site as well and have been doing some beta testing of version 1.1.

So I thought, why should we guys have all the fun? Danny agreed with me and so readers of the blog can get 20% off the normal price ($20) of BitClamp with the coupon code MARSHALL.

Version 1.1 should be shipping today with enhanced encryption

In BitClamp 1.1 you will be able to encrypt your files with 256 bit AES, 256 bit Serpent and a whopping 448 bit Blowfish

so if you haven’t already checked it out now would be a good time to do so.

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