2019: A Summer Of Cricket!

As I mentioned when I wrote about basing ourselves back in the UK one of the many things I am looking forward to is going to cricket games again.

Going to Headingley with my father to watch the Test Match was a much loved tradition for me, and I will never forget been there when ‘our Geoffrey’ stroked the ball through mid on for his 100th 100.

I was at the Trent Bridge test the week before he made his comeback, scored his 98th first class hundred and batted on all 5 days of the test.

On the first morning of the Headingley test there was no doubt in the crowd that a) England would win the toss, b) England would bat and c) Geoffrey would get a hundred.

It was very different in those days (1977) as we could take our own chairs and we sat on the same mound as my father used to sit with his father and the old man selling the score cards was the same young man that used to sell them to my father in the 1940’s – if you ever get a chance ask him about the Australian visit post war when the buses would take you ‘to the end of the line’ which stretched for miles.

I have been fortunate to get a few tickets for the summer of 2019 (see below) and as a member of Yorkshire Cricket Club I am looking forward to the T20 and Championship, and hope to get to Scarborough – a place that is very much linked with my youth as my Mothers Mother took up residency in a hotel there when her husband dies so many a Sunday was spent visiting her (not so good) and playing on the beach/cliff/golf course (all good!)

2019 International Games I have tickets for:

19th May: England v Pakistan ODI (Headingley)
19th June: New Zealand v South Africa World Cup (Edgbaston)
22nd June: West Indies v New Zealand World Cup (Old Trafford)
1st August: England v Australia Test Match (Edgbaston)
22nd August: England v Australia Test Match (Headingley)
24th August: England v Australia Test Match (Headingley)
5th September: England v Australia Test Match (Old Trafford)

Headingley is by far the furthest venue from us, but with it’s history and the fact I am a member I will always be happy to make the effort!

Old Trafford is closest to my parents, and is a ground I have never been to.

Egdbaston is closest to us and another ground I have never been to but I suspect may be where we watch most T20 in years to come.

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