216.5 lbs

According top my sacles I have put on 6.5 lbs in the last 6 days!!! Now I know I ate a pork pie yesterday but that seems a little extreme. It may be fluid retention, may be all the carbs, or may bethe scales where wrong – before.

To be honest I feel (and look) like I weigh 216.5lbs so I am pretty depressed about that – only myself to blame, but am more determined than ever to get fit again!!!!

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  1. Dunks

    There are lies, damn lies and scales! These posts are brilliant motivation. I really didn’t want to run yesterday but reading your post about the 5km run yesterday was enough to get me out despite being 10pm and raining. And definitely felt better for it so thank you!

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Ditto – I will be going for a run again today for sure!!!

    I think the weight gain could be fluid retention again plus the fact that I have had way too much bread recently, which added to the pasta and rice has probably bloated me somewhat.

    As of today no nuts, crunch bars or bread – as the first phase of cutting some stuff out!

  3. Andy

    Yeah I’m with Dunks, 6.5lbs in week would be good going for someone pregnant with quads!

    I too am in search of motivation. After almost 4 weeks off following my house move (and general laziness) I dug out my Nike+, dusted off my trainers and headed out. I decided that the best thing for me would be to do 3 shorter 3km runs this week to get back into it, before stepping back up to 5km+ next week.

    As per Dunks, the weather was horrible, but I felt so much better afterwards (although if you’d asked me 5 minutes in, I would have maybe felt differently).

    One thing I always struggle with is pace. What’s every one averaging for 5km in terms of time? On a good day I can come in just over 30 minutes?

  4. Chris Marshall Post author


    On a good day I tend to be around the 25 min mark for 5k. Yesterday I was 32 mins which sort of says it all really!!!!!!!

  5. Andy

    Wow… looks like I need to get my head down and practice sprinting that last mile!

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    I find that running different distances at different paces works!

    i.e. every now and again run a mile only, but at a faster pace to get your body used to it, then when you want to push at the end you sort of convince yourself you are ‘just’ doing the 1 mile run 🙂

  7. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well day one has gone OK!!!

    Basically had a ‘normal’ day eating but without any nuts, crunch bar or bread!

    Breakfast – porridge with seeds and raisins
    Snack – banana, apple, satsuma
    Lunch – pasta with spick sauce and prawns
    Snack – Smoothie
    Dinner – carrot soup, ryvita and cheese
    Snack – youghurt with raisins and seeds.

    Went for a 5km run which felt ok, not great yet but was good to be out, and I did a good session on my abs.

  8. Gary

    There could be another explanation that people haven’t mentioned yet. Maybe you’re getting taller! For example, have you noticed yourself banging your head off of more door frames than normal? (When you’re sober that is!) 🙂

  9. Chris Marshall Post author

    Hadn’t considered that one 🙂 Would be nice if that was the case, but this wobbly thing above my belt would tend to indicate otherwise!

  10. Chris Marshall Post author

    Didn’t run today. Calves sore so dodn’t want to risk a repeat of the summer, and feeling jaded after cold so all in all thought it was prudent to take a day off 🙂

    Am seeing December as a preparatory month for a full onslaught in the new year so as long as I get bacl ‘into’ exercise and healthier eating/lifestyle I will be happy. It is Xmas after all so am bound to have a few ‘off days’.

    Am hungry and we have eaten everything but the evening youghurt so that must be a good sign diet wise???

  11. Dunks

    [quote comment=”22105″]Am hungry and we have eaten everything but the evening youghurt so that must be a good sign diet wise???[/quote]
    Identify with that Chris – I’m starving! Must be a good sign.

    I’ve run 20miles this week, tonight will make it 25 miles, then I’ll have Sat & Sun off running. I always tend to eat more (read properly) at the weekend also so will have a relaxing time before back to the rigid routine.

    Weighed in at 208lbs but more importantly felt more ‘comfortable’ in work trousers. However, won’t be convinced until I see a bigger drop on the scales.

    Been a great week for sticking to the exercise mainly due to the spur of these posts so thank you all for that. Maybe we can look back at these in 12 months time,when we all weigh 140lbs, and laugh 😉

  12. Chris Marshall Post author

    Congrats on the running – next week I will be doing a LOT more rest assured, plus I intend to run/bikeat least once over the weekend.

    At least your weight is going in the right direction!!! 1.5 to 2lbs a week is about as much genuine fat as you can shift, anything else is probably fluid. On that basis I have 26 lbs to shift = 52 weeks, so maybe by the summer 🙂

  13. Dunks

    Cheers Chris. The 52 weeks thing is a depressing statistic seeing as we have the same target in mind. Think you have been sensible with your running given the cold you’ve had – there have been some scary stories of people training hard when under the weather, particularly orienteers for some reason (sport I used to do a lot of).

    You mentioned you’ve been putting in some abs work, what are you doing for this?

  14. Chris Marshall Post author

    What I don’t do is regular sit ups – bad for your back and only work your external abs. I do a lot of core pilates type work. I use one of those big inflattable balls a lot, and lie on my back, legs bentat 90 degrees and slowly extend them out.

    All very slow and deliberate, with the abs held tight (like sucking your stomach in) all the time. Is great for your inner abs and lower back.

    Yep – 52 weeks seems like an age doesn’t it!!!!

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