40 Digital Photography Techniques

8931433697_cat.jpeg“Digital Photography has truly reached the masses, and with this friendly, full-color guide (40 Digital Photography Techniques) new users can immediately start having fun with their digital cameras. It provides dozens of tips for taking better pictures and getting creative with digital photography at a remarkably affordable price. Topics covered include composing good shots, playing with light, close-ups, self-portraits, action shots, and event photography.”

Divided into 6 Chapters covering The Basics of Taking Photos, Exploring More Advanced Features, Photographing People, Shooting Landscapes, Experimenting with Common Themes and After the Photo Shoot this is a very solid book for anyone with a ‘point and shoot’ who has yet to get beyond the A (automatic) feature. It also has enough general reminder content for the new DSLR user to justify dropping a copy in their computer book.

I have a strong, but unsubstantiated, view that the current trend towards ‘entry level’ DSLR’s is fueled in no large part by people who want more from their photographs but probably haven’t fully explored their current camera. Personally when I started the process of moving to a DSLR I prolonged the move by at least a year by really getting to know what my Sony DSC F707 could do. So, if you are considering a move ‘up market’ I could think of lots of worse things to do with $16.99 as you may well find that it extends your enjoyment with your current camera.

As well as general advice such as setting yourself up to take better pictures, it also has enough specialised sections to please the majority of people i.e. food, architecture, landscapes, self portraits etc.

Well written, with some really good use of pictures as examples this is a very good book and well worth adding to your collection.

Book details

Title: 40 Digital Photography Techniques, 3rd Edition
First Edition: February 2007
ISBN 10: 89-314-3369-7
ISBN 13: 9788931433692
Pages: 208
Price: $16.99

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