I have mentioned 4framesofmind many times on this site and during the podcasts with Tim.

4framesofmind is an adventure that I set up with Mac, Matt and Wayne, all contributors to the site and most importantly all very keen and talented photographers. The reasons behind the site are:

– to help motivate each other to take photographs outside of our ‘default’ comfort zone,
– to provide constructive feedback to each other in relation to choice, quality and editing of the photograph,
– learn the difference between taking a picture and creating a photograph, and
– have some fun while enjoying each others company.

The intention is to select a subject e.g. Macro photos, then each submit 12. The others nominate their favourite three from the other three, we throw a few things in the cauldron, drink some red wine and somehow come up with a 12of gallery – magic!

The ‘site’ is a Professional level SmugMug account with a little customisation which means that we have a couple of ‘interesting’ options with respect to selling the photographs and accepting guests onto the site.

We have recently expanded the group a little with the addition of Andie Smith as our resident professional who’s task it is to show us what we should be doing, and give excellent tips on how we could have taken better photos. Andie is also sharing these tips with all of us through what will hopefully become regular articles on the site. We have also welcomed Glenn Wolsey a very keen and talented photographer, who also knows a thing or two about Macs and blogging. He also happens to be young, good looking and live in New Zealand – so actually nothing at all like the four or us, in fact I have no idea why we want him as a guest!!!

Hopefully you will take a look at the site and share your thoughts with us, or maybe head over to the new forum that we have just set up and pass on any pearls of wisdom.

If you want to be a guest email me. There is a small contribution to costs required, and a sharing of any revenue you get from selling your pictures, but there is loads of fun, support and advice.

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