50% Off ImageWell & ShutterBug This Fathers Day

Yet again XtraLean are offering everyone that has a Mac head for a father, or Mac head fathers that want to treat themselves, an amazing 50% off their leading products ImageWell and ShutterBug this Fathers Day.

That means that ImageWell is now ony $9.95 CAD and ShutterBug is only $19.95. The sale runs from Friday June 19th thru Sunday June 21st but ……… you can get in early if you head on over there now as the discounts are already up and running!

How To Buy/Try

ImageWell – free, full-featured 7-day trial
Direct Download Link

ShutterBug – free, full-featured demo that will watermark uploaded pictures with the word ‘demo’
Direct Download Link

Purchasing a registration number will unlock the products from trial/demo mode.

ImageWell – The Handy Image Editor that will save you time and money

Need a tool for all the simple, everyday image editing that you need to do? Need towatermark your images, make screen grabs and annotate them, or just a quick crop,resize and send it off to the web? What about your other files – need to quickly sendthem off to the web too? You can do that too…whether you need to make screen shotsor are adding images to your HTML documents, editing offline images, or posting photosto the web for others to see, ImageWell will do the work for you. It’s the fast and easyway!Drag images in and out of the well, resize, crop, shape, rotate, flip and add a watermark,border, or drop shadow. Use the handy screen grab feature to take a screen shot andinstantly begin editing it, and then send it off to the web, email it, or save it to yourcomputer. No need to launch multiple applications to add text, labels, arrows, circles andsquares to your image. Add a thought cloud or talking balloon, give your image a shapedborder, adjust the border color and width. Batch watermark, batch process, adjust yourimages for sharpness and brightness, save your favorite styles, plus so much more.Upload to a .Mac account, S/FTP server, WebDAV server, or send to a Flickr, SmugMug,or ImageShack account. At the click of a button the image is sent and a handy URL isautomatically copied to the clipboard for quickly pasting into a discussion board post, ablog page, email message, or any other document.

ShutterBug – Stylish & Easy Website Creation that Puts You in Control. NOW includes Shopping Cart Feature!!!

Need a website tool that gives you true flexibility and puts you in the driver’s seat? Look no more, satisfy the hungerwith ShutterBug and take control of your website. Create simple & stylish photo galleries and journals or go all theway with a full featured website. Create custom-sized thumbnails, collages, and slideshows; add movies, imagerollovers, contact forms and choose from a selection of more than 80 free, fully customizable themes or design yourown look…plus much, much more than first meets the eye.ShutterBug offers you fast and easy content building, a WYSIWYG design environment, lean and speedy publishing,all within a framework that has been carefully designed to give you the power, ease, and control you need to createthe website you envision. No need to shell out extra money for theme packs or wait for new designs – ShutterBug’seasy-to-use design tools equip you with the tools you need to easily create your own unique look & feel, and withoutputting a dent in your pocket book. No technical knowledge is needed – it’s as fun & simple as finger painting! All of this plus much more for a fraction of the price of alternative products, and a classy website built in record time!

Helpful Links

World Class Customer Support:

Learn more about ImageWell:

ImageWell Resources & Help Docs:

ImageWell manual contains helpful screencast tutorials:

ImageWell System Requirements:

Learn more about ShutterBug:

ShutterBug Resources & Help Docs:

ShutterBug manual is a thorough and informative 250 page guide to using
everything in ShutterBug:

ShutterBug System Requirements:

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