A New Sponsor

You will have noticed (hopefully!) that we have a new sponsor, MyMacGames. Despite the similarity in the name they are nothing to do with MyAppleStuff, other than as a sponsor.

Shortly to go into beta they will be offering ‘Games on Demand for the Mac’ at $10 per month for 5 games at a time.

Why are they sponsoring MyAppleStuff?

“MyAppleStuff is a high quality resource for new and old Macintosh users. We’re interested in getting switchers involved in MyMacGames, and we feel MyAppleStuff ideally suits that market. The content from the MyAppleStuff team is consistently unbiased and of a premium standard. ” Mark Howson, Head of Developer Relations, Sales and Customer Support.

In addition I am pleased to say that Mark has joined our growing list of contributors to the site so we can expect to hear from him regularly on a number of topics.

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3 thoughts on “A New Sponsor

  1. morganusvitus

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

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