A Technical Xmas

Was wondering what everyone had their eye on for Christmas? What you bought yourself, what you hoping Santa brings you? Is slightly weird but I don’t actuially have anything technical lined up this year. Tripod would have been if it was going to get here on time. Guess that is the ‘problem’ of buyingso much stuff throughout the year!!!

12 thoughts on “A Technical Xmas

  1. Mac Sokulski

    I’m actually hoping it’s not going to be anything technological. Need a break. I have no idea what I’m going to get…. I hope it’s not lump of coal 🙂

  2. jeremy

    As I said elsewhere, we don’t do christmas. I am however looking forward to Mac World in the hope of a replacement for my 12″ powerbook which is now over 4 years old. A beefed up Mac Mini may be nice too. The last ‘gadget’ I bought myself was the fabulous Apple bluetooth keyboard.

    @ Michele
    I’ve heard a lot about the OLPC. Unfortunately it is not available in europe 🙁

  3. Dunks

    Nothing for Christmas! However, apres Macworld – Mac Book Pro. (Although I did pick up a Bass guitar very cheaply yesterday for home recording, so maybe that counts.)

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    That counts!!!

    My list for next year is looking pretty sparce at the moment 🙂 Will get a Camera Case and a couple of casings for two 500GB drives, but nothing planned.

    May have a look at some lenses and camera gear in the sales I guess!

  5. Gary

    Bought myself a PVR last weekend. I have to say, I’m rather pleased with it. I’ve been looking at them off and on for several years and finally decided to make a move.

  6. Wayne LeFevre

    Well, got an Apple gift card for Christmas! So, BIG question I would like to get response on:

    WANTED: iPod Touch. Get now, or wait for Macworld???? Think it will change between now and then? Any response helpful. I’d get an AppleTV, but by the time I get an HD TV set, I’m sure it will change.

  7. Gary

    We’re so close now, I’d say wait. Unless you’re really desperate – and can justify that desperation! 🙂

  8. Chris Marshall Post author

    Wait, but only because it is so close that you may as well. I will be surprised if they do anything that significant on the Touch – basically until they get it up to 32GB it wont be any real use as your ‘only’ iPod and I think that the SDK kit needs to be out for a while before we see any real differences.

    With the AppleTV they are talking about putting a LED screen on it but that is a waste of time. Again the only thing it really needs is a bigger drive, but as you can attach and external one anyway it makes no odds and I reckon you can buy one of those at any time.

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