7 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Suite 3 ships 27 March

  1. Mac Sokulski

    I think you have to start somewhere. The beta Photoshop CS3 is out there for free so you can practice on that one. I’ll be upgrading as soon as it shows up 🙂


  2. Wayne LeFevre

    Too bad the beta Photoshop is only for previous Photoshop owners. 🙁 It would probably be overkill a bit, but something has to be there. Aperture’s Spot Patch, in my opinion, is horrid.

  3. MyAppleStuff Post author

    That doesn’t surprise me!!! I have no doubt that I will have to at some stage 🙂 Maybe look at elements first?

  4. Darrren Rolfe

    I use all of the Creative Suite as part of my job. I have seen a quick demo of CS3 suite (pre beta) at an event last year, just before Christmas. But they stressed to us that we were under non disclosure to discuss. So I can’t talk about it. But what I will say is that what I saw was very very cool.

    Whoops guess I just talked about it a bit.

  5. Darren Rolfe

    I have also heard that it will not ship on the 27th March. Apparently they are waiting for 10.5 to launch as CS3 needs Leopard. Not my words, a registered Apple Developer contact that I know.

    But Leopard is way off being ready, or is it? Now that’s a whole new thread.

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