An announcement today?

According to Mac Rumors we may see 4 new iPod Shuffles soon in different colours, or maybe just new software. AppleInsider go with the new iPod angle as well, but more an expansion of the RED range.

Apple Rumors on the other hand are going with new monitors with built in iSight, or a price drop. In addition they speculate about a release of Leapord to take the wind out of Vista. I can’t see that happening, but it would be pretty cool.

Guess we just need to wait and see, and if I am honest I am getting a little jaded and skeptical about the rumors these days – maybe it is just me, but they hardly ever seem to be right?

4 thoughts on “An announcement today?

  1. wingnut

    Have been reading a few blogs about this promised announcement. And I think the most interesting opinion yet has been that a new Boot Camp will be released with Vista compatibility. How funny, Mr Softy will be livid.

    I don’t really follow Vista release dates, but is it actaully out yet? Can you buy it on the street. Either way it confirms that OS X truly is the most verstatile OS on the planet.

  2. wingnut

    Whoaaa! Don’t get me wrong I am not advocating rush out and get it, while stocks last! Mind you don’t trip over any Zune boxes in the rush to get to the Vista display!

    Far, far from it.

    But you have to admit it must be pain in the rear for Mr Softy.

    I did catch your review on Crossover and to me that is the logical first step to trying to run a W…W…Win… app, I can’t even bring myself to say it on my mac.

    I haven’t run one yet and don’t plan to any day soon.

    And anyway I have just started to see new shuffles announced so looks like Boot Camp with Vista isn’t the big announcement. Mr Softy can at least sleep well tonight.

  3. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Mr Softy will be happy then 🙂

    CrossOver does make sense – especially for people that already have Office and don’t want to buy the Mac version.

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