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Came across this great representation of the evolution of the Apple product range. It isn’t meant to be a full listing but I couldn’t help look out for any obvious omissions (iPod Touch, new iMac new Nano) and that got me thinking – what do you reckon has been missed off? Then I got thinking a bit more – I reckon it would be a really cool mouse mat, wall chart (naturally), desktop image, notebook sleeve. So after you have figured out what is missing what do you reckon it could be used for?


As a number of you have said the link is still down, and it is for me now as well, I thought I would post a copy of the picture. It is a bit small sorry.

Via [Jowstr]apple_evolution1.jpg

6 thoughts on “Apple Evolution

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    That would make a pretty darn cool wall hanging. Nice framed poster or the like. As far as I can tell, they have about everything. A lot is rolled up into one, however. Like for example the PowerBook G4. How many “versions” of that are there? They have the Titanium, but then there’s the Aluminum, the Gigabit, etc.

    Does look like a lot of progress in a very, very short amount of time!

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    How about a duvet (comforter), floor rug, or even floor tiles – could just imagine what Sands would say if I told her I was going to duplicat that when re tile the roof!!!

  3. Gary

    That link’s now effectively broken and I haven’t been able to find the parent article. 🙁

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