Apple TV Just Got Interesting

I was somewhat dismissive about getting an AppleTV when they were first announced, and I have to confess to saying that my main ‘issue’ was the fact that they only seemed to work with iTunes content.

Well that may still be the case – but I have just realised that with eyeTV it is just a case of exporting the recording to iPod (simply click the relevant icon) and this exports the recording to iTunes (TV Shows) and in addition to adding it to the iPod (which I knew all about) of course it will sync it with an AppleTV.

So maybe I will take a look at one at some stage. First though I am going to see how things work out with the ethernet installation in terms of sharing my content, and second I will definitely wait and see how buggy the AppleTV is especially as it has been delayed.

Exporting takes an age by the way, so not a viable option for the 40+ movies I have stored on my LaCie.

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