Apple Wants You to Buy Lots of iPods

Apparently Apple Wants You to Buy Lots of iPods.

You mean people actually only have one iPod!!! Damn I wish I knew that. My wife and I have nine between us:

60GB 5G Black iPod – used for Audiobooks, learning Spanish, Podcasts, the (very) occasional video cast or TV program
15GB 3G iPod – used as BackUp for Audiobooks and Spanish
1G Shuffle – used when running
2G Shuffle – day to day use, never leave home without it.
10GB 3G iPod – sits in a set of Altec Lansing In Motion speakers in the bathroom or sometimes on the roof in the summer

1G Shuffle – used as backup for Quicken on the iMac
2G Shuffle – used most of the time
4GB Mini – Used for Audiobooks, Spanish and music
1G 2GB Nano – used with Nike+ kit for running

Please tell me I am not alone! It is one thing being an idiot, a totally different thing being the only idiot around!!!

2 thoughts on “Apple Wants You to Buy Lots of iPods

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    Your all alone! 🙂

    Now, if they could sync remotely. Your working in iTunes, you then select the iPod you want to update from a menu and hit sync. Cool, eh?

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