Are You A Daydreamer?

Daydreamer ($20) is a universal binary application requiring OS x 10.3, which:Daydreamer.jpg
“can display the many webcam pictures to which URLs point and update them as often as you like. Daydreamer can even handle several pictures at once. What’s more, you can have Daydreamer make time lapse movies of the URL picture, adding a new frame to a movie each time the picture is refreshed. Daydreamer documents can be set to save each picture as it is downloaded, which lets you have a changing desktop or screensaver that reflects the current state of a webcam. You can save only the last picture that is downloaded, or all pictures.”

It is perfect for anyone that likes to keep track of the weather or freeway conditions, or enjoys satellite pictures. It is AppleScriptable, which adds to its versatility. With sample scripts provided with the distribution, you can view slide shows of picture folders on your computer, make those slide shows into QuickTime movies, or receive an alert email when a picture changes.

So what could you use it for? Their blog gives some good suggestions including education and security,and capturing with your iSight which is easy enough but not for the novice or nervous user (great for broadcasting images of yourself if that is what floats your boat).

I have to confess that I don’t really have a huge need for this application. I was intrigued by what it did, and impressed with how well it did it and I could certainly see how it could be very useful in certain situations.

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