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Funny things bags – I just don’t seem to be able to get enough of them! Whether for work, travel, leisure, computing or photography I always seem to be in search of the ‘perfect’ bag. As a result I have lost track of the number of different styles I have tried, but somehow I have never tried a computer sleeve.

With the recent purchase of the MacBook, and a shift in my work pattern through the blogging and photography contracts, I have started to carry the MacBook around a little more, but as I usually have my ‘manbag” (a must have for every male in Spain), and some sort of bag for my camera with me I didn’t want to add the computer bag as well. Considering that I rarely have the same bag with me twice in a row and ‘travel’ to work by Jeep, Harley, mountain bike or on foot I wanted something that was light, flexible and secure. Oh, and I wanted something that was funky to match the style of the MacBook, and as the grand plan is that the MacBook will eventually becomes Sands, a bit of femininity seemed nice – but not so much as I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it.

A simple task then? Actually yes, it was. The new Islands Collection from Be.ez’s at £24.95 matched all the criteria, except the Bali version. I couldn’t see myself with a Pink one!! But then again neither could Sands so we settled on the Maui colour.

The sleeve is very very good, especially the original soft, shape memory material (Low Resilience Polyurethane Technology) which as well as doing a great job, provides hours of amusement pressing your fingers in and watching it ‘spring back’ into shape – guess I still sit in the odd boring meeting!!

I feel very comfortable throwing the sleeve into a bag with my camera and other stuff. Ideally I think it would have benefitted from some detachable strap or handle just to give it a little more flexibility, but I can’t really fault it at all.

There is one problem though! My desire to find the ultimate bag has been re awakened by the rest of the range, in particular the LEmini Lifestyle.

LArobe Islands Special Edition – Island flower for your MacBook

Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) Technology
Robe protection Thickness 5MM
Trendy, Unique Design
Inner Lip for maximum protection
Stand alone or in your bag
No more Scratchs for your Notebooks

Initially designed for the Apple notebooks, LArobe is made in a soft, shape-memory material, ideal to dress your notebook in an original fashion while protecting it from mobile life worries.

For MacBook 13″3

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