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Last night I was able to meet up with regular readers Darren and Danny for a curry in East Grinstead in the UK.

It was really good to see then both and have a non virtual conversation with them. The main topis of discussion was the iPhone and the way it will be accepted in the UK. The hype is building and the press coverage to date is all very positive, but from my own perspective my iPhone aroused more interest from the waiter in the Indian restaurant than anybody else.

Here are a few pictures – in fact here are all the pictures I took on the entire trip!


Danny & Darren check out the iPhone


Danny is an expert already


Time to eat

11 thoughts on “Blog Curry

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    I think what hurts more is that neither Darren or Danny are disagreeing 🙁

    I probably shouldn’t say this – but at the end of the meal the waiter did put the bill down in front of me as if he thought I was treating my kids!!!!!

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    @Chris, you gotta admit, it is a little funny. I can laugh, though, because I’m right behind you! (I think you have just a couple of years on me.)

  3. darren rolfe

    I’m a kid at heart. But, you’re only as old as you feel.

    Gramps is kind of catchy! – quick buy that url!!!!

  4. Danny

    HA! Just got a chance to see this.
    How comes I look like a complete idiot in every one except the last one.
    Actually dont answer that.
    Also Its Danny & Darren – not Danny and Greg 😉

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    @Darren – that is funny, and true re the age thing!

    @Danny – well they say the camera never lies 🙂

  6. Mac Sokulski

    I agree with Darren, you should definitely buy that url.

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