Born Again Blogger!

Ever since I wrote about The Future Of This Blog back in May it seems that I have spent very little time on it.

Lots of reasons I guess, but the main one is that I have found it a struggle to find a direction for the blog given the success of Almerimar Life which has taken on a much more ‘personal feel’ over the year. Couple that with a general apathy towards reviewing applications and the blog has sort of stagnated.

Well not any more!!!

I have certainly missed the comments and community that the blog generated!

I think I have found a direction for the blog that I am happy with, and that really takes on a suggestion made by Mac many, many months ago. He suggested making Almerimar Life more personal which I was doing at the time, but what I hadn’t really figured out was that in so doing I was going to find less to blog about on this site other than to repeat myself …… and I do enough of that in life anyway.

The answer (I hope) is to really depersonalise this blog and to just concentrate on writing about technology and business. Next year I will (hopefully) be a involved in a couple of projects that I think will make for good content and discussion, but until I am 100% best not to say too much.

For now though I am making a few changes to the site regards the layout etc. I have some work to do on the footer still, and within the next week or two will make a slight tweak regards the server which shouldn’t impact you at all. I also need to populate the links in the sidebar as well, so if you aren’t mentioned and think you should be (or would like to be) please be patient, or not (in which case you may want to email me your details).

I will (I promise) keep you posted of the changes and developments …..

9 thoughts on “Born Again Blogger!

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    It will be good to hear from you again. Though I see I’m not in your “Friends” section anymore, I still visit the site religiously.

    Have you spoken to Roxio yet? I spent an hour on the phone with them on Thurs. getting the pitch for the new Toast 10 coming out on Jan 5th. Pretty cool with all the new stuff.

    Well, looking forward to more posts again.


  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Ah don’t be like that ….. you know you are a friend you just don’t have a personal site that I read 🙂 I have clarified the headings though so it is clear that I am referring to sites not people, and as I host your Chester Vermont News site I have added that to the Clients Sites list.

    Toast 10 ….. have a request in for a copy to review yes as it is an application that I use from time to time. If it is a application you would like to read a review on you could always submit it to Skribit in the sidebar ……….

  3. Wayne LeFevre

    See, the wonders of pain medication! Relaxation one minute, blogger standing paranoia the next. 😉

  4. Gary

    Born Again Commenter!

    Actually, I really wish I hadn’t come back just now and seen the Toast 10 comment. My dad mentioned tonight that he’d like Toast for Christmas, so I’m all set to pick up a copy – of Toast 9 – for him to unwrap on Christmas morning. This knowledge will rather sour the purchase, knowing that it’ll be out of date almost as soon as he breaks the shrink-wrap, and doubtless won’t qualify for a free upgrade.

    Grrrr. Bad Roxio!! 😡

    On the other hand, glad to see some activity here again, Chris! 🙂

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    Ha ha that is very funny Gary, the Born Again bit not the Toast 9 dilemma.

    Good to here from you again, hopefully will get some good content and discussion going agin in the New Year!

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    [quote comment=”108590″]See, the wonders of pain medication! Relaxation one minute, blogger standing paranoia the next. ;)[/quote]

    For those that don’t follow you on twitter I should say the drugs are for the knee operation 🙂

  7. Wayne LeFevre

    [quote comment=”108701″][quote comment=”108590″]See, the wonders of pain medication! Relaxation one minute, blogger standing paranoia the next. ;)[/quote]

    For those that don’t follow you on twitter I should say the drugs are for the knee operation :-)[/quote]

    Ha! Yes, a bit of an important distinction! 🙂

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  9. dziesidias

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