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BrosweBack at $29.95 is an intriguing application from SmileOnMyMac.

Initially I was more than a little skeptical about the relevance and use of the application. This was reinforced during the initial database build which took an eternity. It is certainly worth a look in the advanced option of the preferences to set the timeframe that you want to go back over and save, and any URL’s that you want excluded from the database.

The neatest feature is the graphical display (think iTunes albums) of the web pages as a really effective and easy way to browse back through the previous web pages.

It can take up a lot of space especially if you use the PDF page option to save web pages, so be careful – aggressive filtering of what you really want to have access to and how far back you really need to go makes a lot of sense.

What really removed any lingering skepticism for me though was that when I went to look at some old pages that I had bookmarked on a project I am doing on and off and found that they had been removed, I was very impressed to find them in BrowseBack!

A very pleasant find BrowseBack turned out to be for me.

With BrowseBack, you’ll never lose a web page again!

Want to find a web page you know you saw but didn’t bookmark?

– BrowseBack’s intuitive visual interface lets you scan through thumbnails of ever page you’ve visited!

Need to find all the web pages you’ve visited on a specific topic?

– With BrowseBack, you can search the content of your web history by keyword!

Found a web page that you want to share?
– Emailing a PDF of a page is quick and easy with BrowseBack!

Looking for an old news story that’s been taken off the publisher’s site?

– BrowseBack stores a PDF of every page you visit, at the time that it was visited.

And the contents are searchable too!”


* Surf thumbnails of your browser history

* Search your history with keywords

* Export web pages as PDFs to save or to share via email

* Quickly retrieve what you found weeks ago

* Cool intuitive visual interface

* Fun sound effects

* Supports major Mac web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)

* Available in English, Japanese, German, French & Italian

System Requirements:

Mac OS X version 10.4 or later. Broadband Internet connection recommended.

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