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A couple of days ago Sandra reviewed Budget. This time she took a look at Budget Workbook ($14.95), a simple but useful little application also from Snowmint Creative Solutions.

“Track your expenses to see where you are spending your money. View reports that show you your expenses over time, by category, or against your expense limits”.

Not too much to say about this one. It does exactly as it says it will, and is very straightforward to use. Screen display options are Transactions List, Summary Amounts (shown below) with daily, monthly etc. options or Reports.

It´s possible to setup different “transaction sets” for example for business and home expenses, and the category list can be edited, to add and remove categories as wanted. This is a good idea as the summary amounts and report printing options are based on this category list and I found that I really only wanted categories that I was actually using included.


One slight frustration I had was that once I had recorded a transaction the entry fields didn´t automatically blank out ready for my next one.

Also although I can edit the category list there isn´t the option to have more than one. This would be useful for different transaction sets which may use different categories. It would mean that my summaries and reports for my home expenses for example wouldn´t need to show business categories.

Overall a good way to record and track expenses.


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2 thoughts on “Budget Workbook

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    A quick update!

    It IS possible to get the fields to automatically blank out.

    Use the Budget Workbook menu and select Preferences, then check the box next to “Clear all fields after Record”

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