Changes To The Site

Hopefully you will have noticed but if not – I have made a few changes to the site.

In recent weeks I have noticed that the site has been pretty slow. The Forum was always really slow so I have removed that for now. It was a worthwhile experiment and I may try it again at some stage. The content was exactly what I wanted in terms of maturity and participation, but there wasn’t that much of it. Maybe that was because it was too slow? Who knows? Well I guess you do actually. The content got viewed a lot, and a good number of people registered, but I think that is pretty typical of the whole blog, Web 2.0 scene – lots of early enthusiasm and then people don’t come back that frequently. Don’t think I am complaining!! I do the same all the time. In fact I am actively going back through all my bookmarks and notes to try and shut down accounts that I have opened but no longer use on various services. Maybe I am swimming against the tide again, but I am going for the “less is best” approach at the moment – concentrate on fewer things and do them better. I even had a whole day off Twitter yesterday and I didn’t get any withdrawal symptoms!!

Where was I? Ah, the slow site. I am a bit lost as to what it could be. I have other sites hosted on the same server, using the same version of WordPress and although the traffic isn’t the same they don’t have any issues with speed, so it would appear that it is something to do with this particular site, especially as it has struggled to refresh properly from time to time.

In addition to the forum I have disabled the MyAppleStuff TV, and removed some of the plugins from the Sidebar (Twitter, Skype)

I have added the page Review Information which now has the reviews in progress and forthcoming from the Forum. This will tell you what I am working on, when it is scheduled to be published and what I am waiting for to arrive. I would be really happy to hear about any suggestions or requests that you have for reviews.

I am sure that you will have noticed that I have been writing more and more about Photography and to a lesser extent Audio as well. This isn’t at odds with the basis of the site. MyAppleStuff was always intended to cover the experiences that I have associated to owning Apple products (iPod’s, Macs, routers etc.), so as I use the Macs heavily for both my photographic and audio activities it makes sense to include them on the site. I have added the Photography page to again present some of the information that used to be on the Forum, so if you would like to add your own on-line account details for your pictures just let me know.

One last thing. By far the best thing about running this site is the people that I have ‘met’ along the way. I am really appreciative of all the comments, emails and great reviews and articles that I get sent. All I can say is please keep them all coming. I am more than happy to post your reviews and articles, so don’t be backwards in coming forward!

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