Cingular: We Made Apple Bend

Interesting in that it gives a pretty definite statement that there will be a whole range of iPhones coming out “in the near future”. I hope so, not least because I thought they would, but also this is looking like a very poor year for Apple purchases for me so far!

Cingular: We Made Apple Bend

LAS VEGAS—Movie studios and record labels have bent to Apple. But in the end, Apple bent to Cingular with a multi-year, exclusive US contract for an entire line of different iPhone models, Glenn Lurie, Cingular’s president of national distribution told journalists at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2007) today.

When asked about a give-and-take leading to the Apple-Cingular partnership, Lurie said, ‘I’m not sure we gave anything.’ Later, he commented, ‘I think they bent a lot.’ That bending included allowing the phone to be locked to Cingular, just one of several restrictions on the new iPhone. Press reports today said the phone will not accept third-party applications, though Apple may allow third parties ”

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