6 thoughts on “Cleaning a Wireless Apple Keyboard

  1. Zeptepi

    Those clear edges are my bane! Every once and a while I will tip it on to one side and start blowing compressed air from the top to the bottom. All of the junk will eventually collect at one end. By slowly turning it upside down and tapping, most of the crap will fall out. Give it a few more puffs of air to get the rest.

    For the keys I use my wife’s facial tonic (some sort of Estee Lauder product) which is really just rubbing alcohol that smells nice. She also has these cool little circular quilted cotton pads used for cleaning her face. They are great because they don’t leave any lint. Naturally I have to complete this little activity when she is otherwise engaged.

  2. MyAppleStuff Post author

    You are a brave man admitting that!! Thanks.

    I was wondering about how easy it would be to remove the keyboard from the clear plastic bottom. Someone also suggested taking the batteries out and running it through the dishwasher (without any soap in) and then just letting itdry naturally. This actually sort of appeals to me and makes sense. After all if you spilled coffee on it you wouldn’t expect it to “break” would you????

  3. jane denton

    Did you do the dishwasher thing ? My kids seem to have maanged to get some kind of sticky stuff under the a and s keys and its really bad – any ideas…..

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Funnily enough I got this from Mac a day or so ago:

    Hey Chris

    I’m hoping you did not take my advice on keyboard-in-the-dishwasher idea. I can prove that it does not work, what so ever. It screwed up my keyboard. Well it was the one that my 6 year old painted red, remember? So I decided to test the theory. It cleaned the keyboard beautifully…. and it screwed it up. So this theory is absolutely wrong.


    So no I haven’t – and I wouldn’t advice it!!!

    I am still looking around. At the moment I am keepit it relatively clean with a clothes brush. I need to find something better. I will probably take a look at the shaggymac products that Darren posted about earler in the week.

  5. Sam Campbell

    “Those clear edges are my bane!”

    For the clear edges my girlfriend and I have just discovered a trick – after popping off the keys, try running a thin bit of plastic along the edge. For this we used one of those paper-thin plastic labels they stick in plant pots in garden centres with the convenient slightly pointy end. Perhaps the shirt collar inserts would serve the same purpose? Working in a husband-wife partnership normally works best…

    [Ours was for Elymus magellanius from Beth Chatto Gardens in Colchester, UK.]


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