Coming Of Age

A very quiet week cricket wise, which was no bad thing as body took quite a hammering with an unplanned 11 hour car journey starting the week off. That is a body that is now a year older and has finally come of age regards Senior Cricket!!

It has been a tough three years since we moved back and I started to play again, and I am far from the finished article but I am very happy and comfortable playing. I get a little anxious before batting but that is mainly to do with how I think my legs will stand up to running (they tend to feel awful but respond ok) as I am very comfortable now with the actual batting. My bowling has been a very pleasant surprise and I think it fair to call me an all rounder these days. Fielding is competent and will be better next year as the rehab continues to go well and I am confident of getting much fitter!!!

We are in the cup stages of the season with Staffordshire so have between 1 and 3 games left, and I won’t be playing any friendlies for them as my focus now will be Church Eaton on Saturdays, a few games for the Unicorns on Sundays, three NBCC games and a couple of charity games and then a really focussed winter primarily getting fit, coaching and working on my own game.

Life begins at 60 don’t you know!!!

Church Eaton v Market Drayton

Am enjoying my cricket with Church Eaton: partially because I am very relaxed and comfortable with where my cricket and fitness is this year, but largely because I am getting a ‘good game’. I generally bowl my 8 overs first change when tends to be a couple of established batters at the crease and my role primarily is to be economical. I am batting 5 now which is consistent with other teams I play for and I am pretty comfortable there (I think next year I will bat either 4 or 7 depending on the role I am playing).

Life in the old man yet: bowled 8 overs in a row against their two best batters so happy with this. Had a few catches put down and beat the bat a lot
Happy with this: second highest scorer, a lot slower than normal as was protecting the tail and ensuring we got some batting points, but still got 4 4s.

Unicorns v Flyford Favell

Rained off. Wasn’t playing but was going to go down for a few hours with Sands but not at all sorry that to have a day off.

Unicorn Nets

Rained Off – although I wasn’t going this week as they had arranged a softball game.

Staffordshire Cricket Bye!

Common sense prevailed and I was ‘held back’ for the 2s next week in the Quarter Final.

Church Eaton Nets

With no games scheduled for the weekend as having a good rest before the Quarter Final on Tuesday I was half tempted to go and have a bet, until I looked at the weather!

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