ConceptDraw Project 2

ConceptDraw Project 2 $199 is well worth a look. project_box.jpg

For those of you that listen to the podcast on a regular basis this is unlike the applications that I have reviewed recently. It is a series, higher end application, that does a serious job extremely well.

First though, what do they say about it:

ConceptDraw Project is a unique project planning tool designed for efficient planning and tracking of multiple projects. Any business activity requires planning of several simultaneous projects with different dependencies and limited resources to be used. With ConceptDraw Project you can easily share resources between projects, establish links and organize a single workspace to successfully plan projects of any size and complexity.

They claim 4 reasons to choose ConceptDraw Project:

1. Plan Multiple Projects
2. Communicate with no Limits
3. Brainstorm Projects with a Team
4. Use Professional Project Management Capabilities.

Over the years I have managed a number of projects but as fate would have it my role has more often than note been managing the project manager so I am more used to using applications like this to review a project than to control a project. Basically populating such an application has never been my strength. With my historical Windows background the majority of projects have been in MS Project, with a random smattering of the other popular applications. First thing to say then is that ConceptDraw Project will work on a Windows and a Mac platform, you can Import a MS Project XML to a worksheet which allows you to “seamlessly exchange data”.

I really liked this application, not least because whilst I find the concept of project management software exciting I usually tire very quickly when it comes to using it. ConceptDraw Project however didn’t have that effect on me, partly because it uses the capabilities and know qualities of the Mac exceptionally well, but mainly because it was so well thought out with some great features:

– the ability to generate reports in HTML and share across the web,
– the flexibility and detail of the calendar, and
– the quality and range of project documentation.


Often when I write a review I get a number of comments suggesting that I look at alternative applications, and I am always happy to do so, BUT I suggest you take a look at ConceptDraw Project 2. I doubt you will be disappointed.

And finally, yes Tim – I am still using it.

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