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Cookie Assassin $8.95 from the brilliantly named Foggy Noggin fits their strap line perfectly – it really is “cool mac software”.CookieAssassinLogo.jpg

I will let them explain what a cookie is:

“Almost every website you visit leaves a small file called a “Cookie” on your computer. With this Cookie, the website owner can track your habits, see what pages you visit, and perform even more nefarious data collecting.”

And to explain what the application does:

“With Cookie Assassin, you can hunt down and delete these Cookies, saving you hard drive space and keeping websites from monitoring your activities.

What’s more, Cookie Assassin manages all cookies left by Safari, NetNewsWire, Shiira, and any other application that uses the Mac OS X shared cookie storage, which means when it comes to Cookies, Cookie Assassin has your back.”

The question is, does it? Simply – yes, and simple is the key word. Install and run and that is it. You have an incredibly easy screen to work with.


I wish I could tell you more, but there isn’t much to tell. No preferences to confuse you, no advanced stuff to make you feel inferior, just a plain, simple and effective application. I have written about backups before and the need to have a good maintenance strategy and I would certainly add this ti that list. I will leave the last word to the developers as it is 100% accurate:

* Works with Safari, NetNewsWire, and any application that uses Mac OS X’s shared cookies
* Delete multiple cookies at once for quicker management
* Domains automatically grouped together for easy deletion of all cookies from a given website
* Fast, easy searches for particular cookies or websites
* Pleasing, intuitive interface

2 thoughts on “Cookie Assassin

  1. DickStock

    Exactly how much hard drive space is saved by zappin da cookies?


  2. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Exactly? I couldn’t tell you 🙂 Naturally it will depend on how many you have in the first place, which will depend on how long it has been since you last cleared down your system. As I do that regularly anyway I only had a week or so of cookies to delete and it wasn’t that much space.

    In fact I have just run it again which was the first time in 2 days and I had 22 cookies but it didn’t actually say how much space was saved 🙁

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