Create Your Daily Morning Ritual With GTDagenda

The early morning hours, both before work and during, set the tone for the rest of your day. If you guard this time and create your own success ritual, this will mean an improved outlook and enhanced energy for the day, which almost surely equals increased productivity.

If you want to build a skyscraper, you don’t start the foundation at street level. You have to dig deep and pour the foundation well below the surface if you want to build something big. The taller the building, the deeper the foundation must be. This holds true for people as well.

So, if you want to get things done, perform at a high level, build a strong company, become a top producer, you too must have a strong personal foundation. A powerful morning success ritual is an easy way to ensure that you lay the proper foundation to your day-and your life.

Create your morning ritual

Here are a few suggestions for how you can design your own personal morning ritual. This is a bank of ideas that are widely used out there in the world, but you should definitely choose only what works for you.

Physical workout:
– Exercising (jog, walk, bike, swim, cardio, weights etc)
– Stretch
– Drink water
– Healthy meal, juice, fresh fruit
– Brush teeth
– Taking a shower
– Breathing exercises

Mental workout:
– Meditation
– Writing in your journal
– Reading something inspiring
– Listen to motivational/educational tapes
– Visualization of goals

The Vision Wall feature from Gtdagenda is awesome for a daily review of your Goals, with inspirational images:

– One hour of coffee
– Conversation with spouse

Write it Down

As always, writing down any habits you take on is helpful in making them stick. If you don’t write down what you’ll do when you wake up it’s easy to go back on your commitment. Also, a monthly review where you‘ll tweak the ritual by adding or subtracting something might be a good idea; this helps keep it from getting stale.

The Gtdagenda Checklists is a great tool for creating and tracking habits. Both the Vision Wall and Checklists can be accessed from the mobile phone, so you don’t even need to open up your computer.

After doing your morning ritual, it’s time to start tackling your most important project or task for the day. Do it first, and then you can check that off your list. Later in the day, other stuff will come up that will interfere with your plans. Most personal development and productivity experts suggest mornings as the best time for clear and focused results-driven work.

Routines ensure that things get done. Without order is chaos. And while many of us enjoy chaos, it’s not always the most productive way of doing things. If you have a specific routine, with a specific order of doing things, and it becomes a habit, you know that what needs to get done will get done.

And if you want a complete tool to keep track of your tasks,projects and goals, Gtdagenda is always at your serviceas your trusted system, available on the computer and on themobile phone.


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