Cricket Diary

Returning to play cricket in 2021 aged 57 following a 33 year absence from the game was one of the best (and worst) decisions that I have made. Neither my body or bank balance (aka Sands) have fully recovered yet. My body is responding well to the off season rehabilitation and fitness program I have been doing and the fact that I have been selling quite a few refurbished cricket bats has helped the bank account, well the haemorrhaging that is if not the replenishment.

On the plus side I have enjoyed every minute, even the broken finger and damaged ligaments, the dodgy umpiring, the ruptured stomach muscles, the relentless lack of respect for the older generation!!, the friendships, the unique feeling of winning as a team (and the not so unique one of losing as a team), the enjoyment my parents have got from their ‘little boy’ playing at Barlaston Cricket Club again, and the remarkable tolerance shown as ever by Sands.

No surprise then that I am more than looking forward to ‘continuing the journey’ in 2022.

The reason for this post is to confirm that I will be continuing my cricket diary in 2022. It will be a little different from last year as it will focus solely on my own playing experiences. I will continue to write about off field cricket items, but in a new column: Views From The Boundary Edge.

Thank You

Continued thanks for their support go to Masuri, Gray-Nicolls and Williamson-Boucher, who between them more than fulfil my match day, training and casual requirements. Both on and off the field I am the equivalent of a modern day walking A Board, even on the Golf Course as I have started playing again! They are all great companies and people who helped with my return to cricket in 2021 and I am delighted to have their continued support.

I will continue to support the NHS as well as the Heaven Helps Us Cricket Club Charity

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